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Looking for a great sales training program? Learn public speaking tips and techniques with our great services. Ben Gay III's invaluable sales information is available as Books, Audio CDs & Tapes, DVDs & Video Tapes or Live

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I can double, triple, even quadruple your sales and income! I've done it for others, I can do it for you. And this is above and beyond the powerful information you'll find in "The Closers" books, cassettes and newsletters!


Listen up. The number of people you reach with your sales message is vitally important! And the effectiveness of your sales presentations, telephone sales scripts and direct mail letters may well be the determining factor in whether or not you make it to the top. And/or stay there!


As for me, I'd be willing to wager that over 90% of all the hundreds of millions of dollars in sales I've made directly and indirectly were the result of my planned sales presentations and sales letters being right on the mark!


And now I can do the same for you!


I offer free critiques of direct mail letters, sales presentations, telephone sales scripts and other promotional materials for all of my clients and for subscribers to "The Closers Update" newsletter...along with a free no obligation quote for fixing/improving them, if needed.

If you have the authority to create/change/revise/improve your company's sales/marketing/promotional materials, just call me to set up a free no obligation review and critique.


What can you expect? Many clients over the years have reported dramatic increases in sales as a direct result of my sales/telephone scripts and direct mail letters! If we decide to work together, you will too!



“Everything we offer comes with our world-famous

Ben Gay III introduced the
sales world to the most popular - most powerful
sales training material
ever produced!
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Ben Gay III's
invaluable sales
information is available
as Books, Audio CDs
& Tapes, DVDs & Video
Tapes or Live

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Sales letters/scripts I wrote for one client generated 21 million dollars in business! Another client recently reported the number of appointments their telephone representatives set immediately doubled with the script I designed! Many others have similar stories. Your company could be next!


Without cost or obligation, call me Toll Free at (800) 248-3555. We'll discuss what we can do to give your business a "shot in the arm" you won't believe! But it's first come. first served for this special free service. So act now!

(Mention my BFG3.Com web site and ask about your free gift.)
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