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Ben Gay III's invaluable sales information is available through Books, Audio CDs & Tapes, DVDs, Teleseminars, Newsletters, and/or Live. Valuable negotiation skills training, sales closing skills, and negotiation strategies on all types of media.


If you're already in the profitable and exciting seminar promotion business, or ever wanted to be, this may be your chance to associate yourself with one of the best-known names in sales/sales training, enjoying a substantial profit potential at the same time!


Ben Gay III, world famous sales trainer/author/consultant, and the person who brought us "The Closers" series, is looking for a few good people to promote his powerful Master Closers Sales Training Seminars in their respective areas. And there's an exciting new twist to this offer!


There are absolutely no franchise or distributor fees of any kind! And, rather than the promoters working for a small percentage of ticket sales, Ben has established a program wherein the seminar promoters retain 100% of the gate over and above his standard speaking fee! Your investment is "sweat equity" only!


That's right! In return for having a qualified audience to which to offer his formidable books/audios, videos/newsletters, Ben is waiving his normal percentage of ticket sales! So pack 'em in!


And there's more! If you'd like to, Ben will have you host the events you promote, sharing the platform with him for part of the program! This will enhance your stature in your business community long after Ben has left town! It's the same procedure Billy Graham used so successfully for over fifty years to help build the local churches in the areas where he held his gigantic crusades!


If the possibility of participating in Ben Gay's exciting seminar program is of interest to you, and if you feel you're qualified to successfully promote two to four seminars per year in your area and/or in other areas, contact Ben Gay by clicking here.



“Everything we offer comes with our world-famous

Ben Gay III introduced the
sales world to the most popular - most powerful
sales training material
ever produced!
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Ben Gay III's
invaluable sales
information is available
as Books, Audio CDs
& Tapes, DVDs & Video
Tapes or Live

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