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A Message from Ben Gay III


Dear Fellow Salesperson:


In all my years of professional selling, I've never lost the wonder I first experienced as a young boy watching my father and his salespeople give their sales presentations.


Although I didn't yet appreciate the years of preparation that had preceded those sessions, knew my dad and his salespeople had the amazing ability to move people to take action through the sheer power of their ability to talk. I Was hooked.


Then, a few years later, I found myself in a direct sales organization where I was literally surrounded by the men and women who were the top salespeople in the nation at that time. Imagine! A young man from Atlanta, Georgia was hobnobbing with the likes of J. Douglas Edwards, Fred Herman, Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Merle Fraser, MelLanius, Bill Dempsey, Gladys Terrell, Hal Krause, Cavett Robert, Gladys Smith, Ray Considine, Larry Wilson, Bill Gove, Walter Wells, Barbara Dempsey and the greatest Master Closer I personally ever worked with, James H. Rucker, Jr.


And keep in mind, I wasn't watching these people on videotape. I wasn't listening to them on cassettes in my car. I wasn't watching them through binoculars from the third balcony of some auditorium. I Was out prospecting with them. We gave meetings together. We closed sales together. We traveled together. We ate together. We visited in one another's homes.


I don't believe a sales environment like that had ever existed before. I know it hasn't since. But in my live seminars I now teach exactly what I've learned from them and with them...and from the thousands of other sales experiences I've had over the past 30+ years.


So, I promise you this. As best I know it, I'll share the absolute unvarnished truth with you. I'll show you how to become as successful in selling as you and your salespeople are capable of becoming. And when we're done, you'll each have a clear-cut plan for maximizing your sales careers.


If you're ready to move to the next level of sales development, or if you're responsible for taking your sales organization to theirs, it's probably time for us to talk. Feel free to give me a call.



Ben Gay III



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